During my journey of recovery from several painful, debilitating, and supposedly incurable autoimmune diseases, I realized that health and wellness is a daily path, not a destination.

Ramona grew up reading books and running wild while exploring the beautiful beaches & rugged redwoods of Humboldt County, northern California. She also benefited from a sprinkling of city life in the San Francisco Bay Area.

With her degree in Geology, she could protect the environment while working outdoors. While focused on her career in natural resources, education & food security, she was diagnosed with endometriosis & "chronic fatigue."

After "pushing through," she was eventually diagnosed with several "incurable," degenerative & debilitating auto-immune disorders, heavy metal poisoning, and food/chemical sensitivities.

After years of healing, she credits her recovery to seeking the right natural healers, staying true to herself and never giving up.

Ramona is a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Herbalist & Intuitive Empath who loves to romp in the redwoods, collect agates and play ukulele! She is passionate about encouraging women to listen to their intuition to create more serenity, vitality and abundance in their lives.

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Small changes over time can make a big difference, and big changes can make it happen faster!

wellness by Ramona

Degenerative = It would only get worse over time.

Let me take you back to 2003. I was 28, I had just moved to the mountains, living in a sweet little cabin along a beautiful river with my boyfriend, two doggies and kitty. I thought, "life is perfect!".

And then, I woke up one day with a few swollen fingers. My fingers were so swollen the doctor asked if I slammed it in a door. Like I wouldn't have remembered that!!

Then progressively, one after another, I started losing mobility in all my joints. I hurt all over, places I didn't even know I had, all ached… I would wake up in the morning and feel sore all over, like a flu, like I had been hit by a truck.

Eventually, I was diagnosed with an extremely painful, "incurable" debilitating, degenerative auto-immune disease.

Incurable, as in no known cure in the conventional western medicine debilitating = it hurt a lot and I could barely move. I had to wear slip on shoes because I couldn't tie laces, slip on clothes because I couldn't use a zipper or do buttons.

My condition would cause permanent deformation of my bones. I thought I lived a "pretty healthy lifestyle." I didn't know it at the time, but all of my cumulative life events had led me to the point where I was actually pretty sick. I did it my way but it did not do it alone. I found the right doctor to work with. I found the healers and physical therapist. I was lucky, blessed! I followed my winding and slow path.

AND I did it, my way! And now I am symptom free! From an "incurable disease."

vibrant health • deeper connection • stronger intuition • aligned daily habits

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You are a miracle, living life on this miraculous planet!

Not feeling it? The planet is about 4.5 Billion years old That's 9 zeros! (I Googled it). Imagine every little thing that had to line up exactly right for you to be born and living right now.

Even though life may not feel perfect, I encourage you to choose gratitude and resilience.

Who or what do you feel truly connected to? What speaks to you and sparks excitement? Lets explore this connection to self, nature, higher power, and to our shared humanity. What needs to shift in your life, so you can thrive and live life to the fullest?

Give yourself permission to dream. What is one small step you can take today to create the time, space and energy to shift your reality towards thriving? I invite you to fully nourish your inner goddess and lean into your full potential.